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Cost-Benefit Analysis

Throughout this website, we've used strategy to (1) look forward and then (2) reason backwards.  Specifically, to attend a Top 50 University, your #1 obstacle is simply being admitted and 700+ SAT scores are typically expected. 

As described, I am the only SAT teacher who offers world-class SAT knowledge and who guarantees I'll answer every SAT question in 30 to 45 seconds (Monkey-See) so that you'll have twice as much time, 60 to 90 seconds, to answer it (Monkey-Do). In contrast, the competition is half-qualified and cannot help you earn your personal-best SAT score. There is no substitute for me teaching you the SAT.

Accordingly, Shawn Berry's SAT Service costs $10,000, pay-as-you-go.  Each of our first ten classes is $1000 and our last five classes are free. All our classes are 1–1, just you and me.

Some people readily understand that having me as your SAT teacher is a unique competitive advantage in an admissions process where only 10–30% of students are accepted.  If that's you, great. Here is my contact information.

Other people have a different reaction, a knee-jerk reaction - "That's expensive".

But smart business people don't make an important career decision based on a knee-jerk reaction. Instead, smart people follow David Ogilvy's advice that "The best way to set a budget is to analyze the task." So let's analyze your SAT task with a cost-benefit analysis on Shawn Berry's SAT Service.

The full cost of Shawn Berry's SAT Service is $10,000 and 150 hours of study.  Initially, you may think that this is a huge investment in your SAT preparation. Actually, $10,000 and 150 hours is just 2–3% of your 4-year Bachelor’s degree cost of ~$250,000 and ~8,000 hours of study.

The potential benefits of Shawn Berry's SAT Service are: that you cut your SAT errors in half and thus score 700+ on multiple SAT sections; that you gain admission to a Top 50 University; and that you increase your 40-year career earnings by up to $1,000,000.

So now ask yourself: if a $10,000 SAT investment can be the difference in your gaining admission to a Top 50 University, is it worth doing?