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Shawn Berry

Shawn Berry's SAT Preparation

In the previous pages, we determined that you wish to attend a Top 50 University, that your #1 obstacle is simply being admitted, and that 700+ SAT scores are typically expected.

Hence, you need to cut your SAT errors in half and go halfway to perfect 800's.

To cut your SAT errors in half, you should ask me, Shawn Berry, to teach you the SAT because: (1) I know the SAT better than anyone else, (2) I teach the SAT better than anyone else, and (3) I've devised the best SAT preparation system.

First, I have scored perfect 800's on the SAT Math and Verbal sections.

Second, I am the only SAT teacher who can show you how to answer every SAT question in 30 to 45 seconds (Monkey-See) so that you have twice as much time, 60 to 90 seconds, to answer it (Monkey-Do). My '1-1 Monkey-See, Monkey-Do' forces you to participate and that's the best way to learn. Charts 4 .  Chart 5 .

Third, I have the best SAT preparation system: Test—Perfect—Review®. First, I give you a real SAT test that you take under real SAT conditions. Then we meet 1-1 in class and perfect every question that you miss, guess at, or spend too much time on. Then, I have you review and assimilate what we did in class by challenging you with similar but different questions. We follow this Test-Perfect-Review® iteration cycle 15 times until you have seen practically every version of every SAT question. Chart 6.

In contrast, the competition is half-qualified. Even at regular speed (60 to 90 seconds), the competition misses 10% of SAT questions. But you will never move as fast as a teacher who has seen 100 times more SAT material than you ever will. What really matters is how well your teacher performs at double speed (30 to 45 seconds per question) because only then are you being provided the requisite time (60 to 90 seconds) so that you can perform your solution. The ugly truth is that at double speed the competition will miss 20—40% of questions — and with that teacher, so will you.

In sum, there is no substitute for my world-class SAT knowledge, my '1-1 Monkey-See, Monkey-Do' teaching style, and my Test-Perfect-Review system with real SAT tests.