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Shawn Berry


My name is Shawn Berry, I've scored perfect 800's on the SAT Math and Verbal sections, and I can help you earn your personal-best SAT score.  Specifically, if you religiously follow my SAT preparation, I can help you cut your SAT errors in half.

That's right, I have a specific SAT prep goal for you: to help you go halfway to a perfect 1600 SAT.

I am the first person to twice earn a perfect 800 GMAT, the test upon which the SAT was revised in 2005.  For years, I've helped my GMAT clients cut their errors in half.  With 90–99th percentile scores, 35 of my clients have matriculated at these Top 15 MBA programs: Stanford, Harvard, Wharton, Northwestern, Duke, Michigan, Virginia, Cornell, Chicago, Columbia, MIT, UCLA, and UC Berkeley.  Personally, more than a dozen of my clients have told me that I was their "best math teacher", "best English teacher", or "best teacher ever".

Similarly, if my SAT prep helps you score 90–99th percentile, then you can gain admission and even scholarship to a Top 50 University.  I know.  My perfect 800 test scores helped me: finish college at age 20 (B.S. Mathematics), earn full-scholarship to the University of Miami (M.S. Mathematics), and earn fellowship to Duke University (MBA).

But one warning: Top 50 Universities and Shawn Berry's SAT Preparation are only for people with passion and focus.  Never mind excellence; passion and focus lead to excellence, not the other way around.  Top 50 Universities enroll students who are passionate to take hard courses and focused to earn A's.  But grade inflation makes it difficult to identify the exceptional students when 30–40% of students get A's.  Because Top 50 Universities only want the top 10% of students, they expect 90–99th percentile SAT scores.

First though, let's make sure that gaining admission to a Top 50 University is really worth all the effort.